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    ECM-S1 Streaming Microphone

    The ECM-S1 Wireless Streaming Microphone provides clear, low-noise, high-quality sound in a compact, lightweight unit. Since it offers both wireless and wired connections, it can provide high-quality audio with minimal audio delay to a wide range of devices including cameras, PCs and smartphones.

    • High-quality sound with minimal delay from a portable streaming microphone
    • Compact, lightweight, easy to carry and to operate either indoors or outdoors
    • Both wired and wireless connections, allowing connectivity with many devices
    • Wireless distribution with low latency and superb digital sound quality
    • High-quality microphone capsules and noise-cut filter for superb sound quality


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    USB direct connection for quick file transfer
    Calendar Search finds the right file quickly
    Expand your memory with the micro SD card slot

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    SONY ICD-PX470

    SONY ICD-PX470
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    4GB Internal Memory
    Reduce background noise with Auto Voice Recording
    Get a better sound with Auto Music Recording
    Capture distant or quiet sounds with S-Microphone


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