Avid eXPerience

8 ways to assure our customer of an enjoyable and satisfying Avid eXPerience:

1. Approachable and attentive personnel
”We pay attention to details.”
2. Knowledgeable and well-trained sales specialists
“We know our products well.”
3. Customer-friendly, clean and comfortable store environment with ready-to-demo displays
“Please handle our products.”
4. Wide range and well selected merchandise including accessories
“We have the latest cool products.”
5. Innovative marketing programs to enhance product value
“We offer you great deals.”
6. Direct sales team AvidPRO to handle corporate clients’ requirements including AV integration and systems installation
“We don’t just sell boxes, we sell solutions.”
7. Avid Club customer relationship program with membership privileges, to foster closer ties with valued clients
“We want to know you better to serve you better.”
8. www.avid.com.ph website to update customers and get feedback
“We value your opinion.”