SONY ZV-1K Digital Camera

Full HD 1080/60p videos
Vari-angle LCD screen, for selfie shooting with confidence
Camera Resolution: 4K FULL HD

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Sony ZV-1K

Digital Camera

Created for creation

Recreate the world in your image

The ZV-1K is designed to bring together simplicity and power, opening up creative opportunities as wide as your imagination.

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Dynamic video through slow motion
Make every movement more cinematic with Super Slow Motion video, capturing the most fleeting of moments for playback at up to 40x slower than real time.
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Time-lapse for that cinematic effect
Interval shooting mode automatically captures sequences of images from 1–60 seconds apart, which can be used to create cinematic time-lapse videos on a PC, where clouds flow past like water and whole days pass in seconds.
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Take amazing pictures as well as video
The ZV-1K has everything you need to capture images that really shine in your timeline and video thumbnails. The pin-sharp ZEISS® 24–70 mm lens focuses light to a large 1.0-type Exmor RS™ CMOS image sensor, with it all coming together in the powerful BIONZ X™ image processor.
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Express yourself with creative effects
Picture Effects and Creative Styles allow for near-limitless visual possibilities — from simple monochrome and partial color effects, right through to complex miniature effects.

Designed for casual videography

No experience is necessary to capture great looking videos. The ZV-1K is designed to capture amazing videos of you and your world, without any tricky setup.

Beautiful and natural skin tones for everyone

The ZV-1K makes all skin colors look vibrant, natural and healthy. There’s also an optional Soft Skin Effect mode for a smoother look.

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Background bokeh for a professional touch

The large 1.0-type CMOS sensor and wide-aperture lens deliver images with professional background bokeh, as well as clear detail even in challenging low-light conditions.
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Let the camera catch your eye

With AI  technology you can rely on the autofocus sticking firmly to your face and eyes without wandering to other subjects. When you want to focus on another subject, just touch it on the screen and let the camera do the focusing.

Fast and precise focus transitions

The ZV-1K’s Fast Hybrid AF system lets you simply and quickly switch focus from a face to the background, for more stylistic and watchable videos.

Pro-quality bokeh control with one touch

By just pushing the Bokeh switch, you can switch background bokeh on and off — no need for complex manual adjustments. Now it’s easy to simply select a professional-looking defocused background, or keep the entire scene in focus, with just the press of a button.

Product Showcase Setting, ideal for product review videos

Product Showcase Setting allows you to switch with just a single button press to settings that are perfect for product reviews. It widens the angle of view and switches the focus to the object instantly, so you don’t need to wait for the focus to shift, or place your hand behind the product to shift the focus to it.
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Shoot great video, wherever you go

The ZV-1K is built to get great shots while you’re moving. With amazing image stabilization, you can shoot smooth video when walking and, as the light goes from shadow to sun or outdoors to in, the automatic exposure (AE) tracks faces and makes sure they always appear well-lit.

Simple video stream

With a single cable, the ZV-1K can be used as an online communication tool. To use the ZV-1K as an external camera, connect it to a PC  or a Sony Xperia™ smartphone  via a USB Type-C® cable connection.
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High-quality video stream

You can use the ZV-1K for high-quality live-streaming. By taking advantage of its 1.0-type sensor, you will get clean footage even in a dimly lit environment. Also, you can use the Directional Three-Capsule Mic for clear voice recording even while streaming.
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Designed for even better audio
You can capture clear vocals even when shooting in a crowd. The camera’s unique directional three-capsule mic gathers clear sound from in front of the camera, ideal for movie shooting. 
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Wind screen for outdoor shooting
The supplied wind screen reduces wind noise for worry-free outdoor shooting. As well as achieving premium sound quality, that also means you’ll spend less time re-shooting and editing footage affected by wind noise.
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Use your favorite mic for the sound you want
With a microphone jack and MI shoe, you can pick from your choice of mics to get exactly the sound you want.

Lightweight, compact, easy-to-use

An enjoyable shooting experience starts with a pocketable camera. Compact and lightweight, the ZV-1K truly grants this process of fuss-free video shooting anywhere. 

See yourself at your best

The vari-angle LCD touch screen flips out horizontally, making it perfect for selfies. It allows for precise framing and fluid operation even while in front of the camera.
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Know at a glance whether you’re recording
It’s easy to know when you’re recording with a clear recording lamp on the front of the camera—and it’s easy to switch off if you prefer. You’ll never accidentally forget to hit the record button again.
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Optimized grip for selfies
The deeper, shaped grip is more comfortable for conventional shooting, and offers a stable handhold to reduce fatigue for vlogging or selfie shots.
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Works with wireless control grips
The ZV-1K is compatible with the Sony Bluetooth® wireless shooting grip GP-VPT2BT, which offers cable-free control of zoom, recording and more, and expands into a mini-tripod for stable hands-free shots.

Shoot then share easily

There’s no longer a need to compromise your images with your smartphone camera just to share content quickly. The ZV-1K delivers both stunning images and seamless connectivity, for better and easier posting.

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Instantly transfer movies to your smartphone
The free Imaging Edge Mobile app for iOS and Android lets you simply transfer, edit, and upload images shot on the ZV-1K instantly to social media platforms, from wherever you are.
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A perfect fit for any platform
Use the Movie Edit add-on to apply enhanced stabilization for especially shaky shots, or reframe and crop video to suit popular social media aspect ratios.
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Easily shoot vertical-position movies for mobile
With automatic tagging of vertically oriented videos, you can upload content custom-made for smartphone screens.

Shoot like a pro

Carry professional-quality video along in your pocket, with stunning 4K HDR detail and powerful exposure tools for content guaranteed to impress.

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Professional 4K HDR movie functions
The ZV-1K records immensely detailed 4K HDR video through 1.7x pixel resampling so you can capture reality without any compromise.
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S-Log gamma for professional workflows
S-Log2 and S-Log3 gamma controls are available for camera matching and flexibility in color grading, along with a range of picture profile settings to create your perfect aesthetic.
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Built-in ND filter
A Neutral Density (ND) filter opens creative possibilities via video exposure control, enhancing depth-of-field and enabling magical slow-shutter portrayal of water, light, and motion.

Camera features and content creation fundamentals

Check out the features of the ZV-1K for vlogging and content creation.

ZV-1K feature tour

Check out this in-depth movie tour of the features of the ZV-1K.
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Imaging Edge Desktop™

Elevate your photography with Imaging Edge Desktop applications. Use ‘Remote’ to control and monitor shooting live on your PC screen; ‘Viewer’ to quickly preview, rate, and select photos from large image libraries; and ‘Edit’ to develop RAW data into high-quality photos for delivery. Get the best from Sony RAW files, and manage your productions more efficiently.
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Capture One for Sony

Capture One Express (for Sony) is free award-winning editing software that provides RAW development, easy management, and powerful editing tools. Capture One Pro (for Sony) is available for even more editing tools and tethered shooting capability.
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Enjoy video chat on the big screen of BRAVIA

Catch up with your friends and family on the big screen by connecting your camera to the BRAVIA TV.


Megapixels: 20.1
Sensor Type: Exmor RS CMOS Sensor
ISO Sensitivity: 100-12800 ISO
Focus Area: Wide 315 points – (Phase-detection AF) | 425 points – (Contrast-detection AF)
Continuous Shooting Options: Up to 24 fps
Shutter Speed: 0.03 sec
Monitor Size/Type: Vari Angle 7.5cm (3.0-type) with Touch Panel
Monitor Angle of View: Opening 176 Deg, Rotation 270 Deg
Directional three-capsule mic and a bundled wind screen
Optimized for easy and natural selfies
High image quality and easy advanced effects
Beautiful and natural skin tones for everyone
Compatible with all-in-one Bluetooth® grips
Weight: 0.294 kg
Dimensions(cm): 10.55 x 6 x 4.35
Colors: Black

Additional information

Weight 0.794 kg
Dimensions 10.55 × 6 × 4.35 cm

Black, White



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