Sony XR-65X90K


Sony XR-65X90K Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range (HDR) New Smart TV

  • 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 LED Panel
  • HDR10, HLG & Dolby Vision Compatibility
  • Google TV OS
  • 120 Hz Native Refresh Rate
  • ALLM & VRR for Gaming
  • HDMI 2.1 Inputs
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • AirPlay 2 & Chromecast built-in
  • Google Assistant & Siri Voice Control
  • Includes Voice Remote Control

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Sony XR-65X90K Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range (HDR) New Smart TV

Next generation picture and sound with Cognitive Intelligence

Take vision and sound to the next level with Cognitive Processor XR™. Our revolutionary processor on Sony BRAVIA XR™ TVs reproduces content the way humans see and hear for an incredibly lifelike experience. It understands how the human eye focuses, cross-analyzing images to give real-life depth, extraordinary contrast and beautifully vivid colors.


Full Array contrast with lifelike depth

Our Full Array LED, powered by Cognitive Processor XR™, controls the backlight in zones to reproduce realistic contrast in bright and dark areas simultaneously. The intelligent processor sees the world as you do, enhancing pictures with real-life color and depth.

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Sound from the screen, pictures and sound in harmony

Enjoy sound that precisely matches what's on screen with Acoustic Multi-Audio™ technology. Sound positioning tweeters ensure pictures and sound are in harmony for an immersive viewing experience.

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Just say what you want to see with voice search

Find new favorites, faster, with voice search. Jump right to a show or movie just by saying it, or try browsing with a voice search like "Find action movies." Press the voice button on your remote to get started.

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Bring the theater experience home, enjoy movies included with BRAVIA XR™


Perfect for PlayStation®5

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Renew, recycle and reduce, designed for the environment

Our BRAVIA XR TVs are designed for immersive experiences with the environment in mind. We are committed to using less virgin plastic in our TVs and packaging. The X90K uses recycled plastics in its bezel. Our unique backlight control technologies, BRAVIA CAM and sensors not only deliver high picture quality but also reduce power consumption

XR Picture

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A wide color spectrum for real-world shades and hues

Powered by Cognitive Processor XR™, our Full Array LED panel with unique new LED structure and XR Triluminos Pro enables X90K to access over a billion colors and reproduce each one with the subtle differences seen in the real world. It can detect color from saturation, hue and brightness to deliver natural shades in every detail, especially in greens and reds.

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Enjoy more depth with deep blacks and extra brightness

Our Cognitive Processor XR™ enhances pictures in the same way as your eyes focus for real-life color and depth. By precisely balancing light output across the screen, dimming some areas and boosting others, XR Contrast Booster adjusts brightness for higher peaks in glare and deeper blacks in shadow. Scenes look more real with extra depth and detail.

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Recreating lost texture, all your content upscaled to 4K

With XR 4K Upscaling, you'll enjoy entertainment close to 4K quality, whatever the content or source. Our Cognitive Processor XR™ accesses a vast amount of data, intelligently recreating lost textures and detail for real-world pictures.

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Intelligent motion processing for fast-moving, blur-free scenes

Watching sports and fast-moving movies just got a whole lot better. Our Cognitive Processor XR™ with XR Motion Clarity™ analyzes motion across several frames to ensure that action stays smooth, bright, and clear.

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