Sony SEL50F14GM


Sony SEL50F14GM| Lightweight, compact 50 mm F1.4 G Master™ prime


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Sony SEL50F14GM

Sony SEL2470GM2

FE 50 mm F1.4 GM

Lightweight, compact 50 mm F1.4 G Master™ prime

Sony's latest lens technology delivers extraordinary resolution and bokeh in a compact, lightweight lens. Extraordinary AF, smooth operability, and rugged reliability add the finishing touches to this innovative large-aperture standard prime lens.

Discover our latest 50 mm F1.4 G Master prime


Breathtaking G Master quality right to the image edges

Two high-precision XA (extreme aspherical) lens elements effectively correct distortion and most aberration types. This new optical design also uses an ED (extra-low dispersion) glass element to suppress chromatic aberration. Our original Nano AR Coating II on the lens surfaces greatly reduces internal reflections that can cause flare and ghosting


Innovative optics and an F1.4 aperture deliver magnificent bokeh

Innovative optics and an F1.4 maximum aperture combine to deliver magnificent bokeh. Deep, creamy background and foreground bokeh at F1.4 are ideal for making portrait subjects stand out. Advanced features that contribute to superb bokeh quality include XA (extreme aspherical) elements that effectively prevent onion-ring bokeh, and careful optimization of spherical aberration during design and manufacture.


A lightweight and compact lens with incredible performance

XA (extreme aspherical) elements precisely positioned in an innovative design, high-thrust XD linear motors, and the latest compact circular aperture unit work together in a large-aperture high-res lens that is only 80.6 mm in outer diameter and 96.0 mm in length while weighing just 516 grams (18.3 oz). A unique blend of mobility and low-light performance make it an ideal choice for everything from portraits to snapshots.


Fast, precise, quiet AF and tracking for stills and movies

The lens's focus group is driven by our high-thrust XD (extreme dynamic) linear motors and an advanced control algorithm for smooth, responsive focus drive. Noise and vibration are minimized for refined, quiet AF operation; a huge advantage when shooting movies. Movie subjects are smoothly captured and tracked even when shooting at 120 fps or other high frame rates.


Intuitive operation gets the creator's vision across

Linear Response MF provides a manual focusing response that rivals mechanical lenses, and is more than responsive enough to produce smooth rack focus for movies. The iris lock switch can be locked to fix the aperture ring at the "A" position to prevent unwanted changes, or manually set from F1.4 to F16. Two customizable focus hold buttons and an AF/MF focus mode switch provide extra shooting versatility.


Outstanding reliability for any environment and application

The front lens element features a fluorine coating that repels fingerprints, dust, water, oil, and other contaminants while making it easier to wipe off any that get onto the lens surface. A dust- and moisture-resistant design1 provides extra reliability for outdoor use in challenging conditions.

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