The Avid Way

How we adhere to our values towards achieving our Mission and Vision.
1. Prioritize our customer
Our customers are the lifeblood of Avid and the reason of our being in business. We serve our customers in a cheerful and confident manner, enjoying what we do and knowing that our service does make a difference.
2. Respect and trust our teammates
We respect our colleagues based on the principle that while we may have different views, each one of us is working for the greater good. We trust our teammates to do their share and we support each other to achieve our common goal. We seek to build bridges rather than create barriers.
3. Focus on facts and substance
We plan, evaluate and make decisions objectively, based on facts and not on personal bias. The accuracy and timeliness of information is more important than the form of presentation.
4. Act like responsible owners
We safeguard all company assets, including intangible ones like confidential information. We are cost-conscious and spend company funds prudently. We are vigilant against losses due to negligence, pilferage or fraud. We take responsibility for our actions and strive to work for the company’s interest at all times.
5. Be on time and be prepared
We are punctual and prepared not only in going to work but also in all that we do including attending meetings and submitting reports. We realize that being late and unprepared show lack of concern for others and create an unproductive environment.
6. Keep your eyes on the ball
We remain focused on our tasks and responsibilities. We concentrate on what we, ourselves, can do to get things done rather on what others are not doing. We follow through the course of action and make sure that what needs to be done gets done, in the right way and at the right time.
7. Support management policies and corporate decisions
We understand that management policies on internal control and employee discipline are necessary for good corporate governance. We follow corporate decisions as supportive team players, even if we may have some personal reservations.
8. Ensure proper turnover for smooth transition
We are flexible in responding to sudden changes in manpower requirements. We give due notice and ensure proper turnover for smooth transition in case of transfer, extended leave or when leaving the company.
9. Develop ourselves and our employees
We develop ourselves and our employees through continuous learning experiences in and out of our workplace that help us become better in our jobs and in our lives.
10. Achieve success based on performance
We achieve success based on performance against set objectives. We evaluate ourselves and our employees based on specific individual targets or contribution to our respective group’s objectives. We take our targets seriously and exert maximum effort to achieve or even exceed them.
Committed to success as an organization and in our industry, we continually “raise the bar” and challenge ourselves to higher levels of achievement in every aspect of our business.